Explore the diverse musical universe of Arlette,
where Afro, Kizomba, and Dancehall vibes in a harmonious blend.


Arlette dos Santos, originally from Cape Verde, was born and raised in Luxembourg.

From a very young age, she discovered a passion for music and singing. Arlette, at the age of 17, took her career more seriously and released her first hit, written and composed by Irineu Runaway. One of Arlette’s first shows was the opening of the concert by Gylito, a Cape Verdean artist. And after that, she had the opportunity to show her talent countless times in Luxembourg alongside several artists, among them: Bossmen, MC Malcriado, etc.

The artist released her last songs in 2009, namely “Subi Riba Palco”, “Tarracha” and “Give It To Me”. She took a break from her music career for the last 10 years to dedicate her time to other projects such as fashion and women’s activism. Fighting and defending for the well-being of Plus Size women in their bodies. In early 2020, she released the music video “Gangsta” sung in Portuguese. Deciding to resume her career, Arlette is back in the music market. Her inspiration is quite international, imagine a mix between Beyoncé, Aaliyah (United States) and Marcia (Cape Verde).

Therefore the musical style of this artist is quite mixed; Kizomba – Latin – RnB.

Although she also sings in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish, most of her songs are written in Creole because she feels more “at ease and more inspired” in creating songs in this language.

Music for Arlette means freedom & creativity.